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TKK 4 Port USB HUB 3.0 Review

TKK 4 Ports USB HUB 3.0


USB hubs are one of those devices that aren’t flashy but are probably a necessity.
For me, for the longest time, they have been but I never bought one. Until now.
I recently purchased this TKK Black 4 Ports USB HUB 3.0 from Shopee for only Php239 and it is an absolute win of a purchase!

One use case for this USB Hub is with my Xiaomi Mi Box S. One of the Xiaomi Mi Box S’ biggest flaw is the single USB port at the back. Contrary to probably 90% of people, I hate streaming content. The only instance that I stream is when there is a DOTA 2 Tournament. The purpose of my Mi Box S is to play movies from my Hard Drive, so the single USB is a definite stinker.


This USB Hub enables me to connect multiple HDDs at once and then some. In addition to HDDs, I am also able to connect a Wireless Touchpad/Keyboard with the Mi Box. Google’s voice recognition has gotten very good especially with my Filipino Accented English but it just can’t beat the accuracy of just typing what you need.

Use case number 2 is with my laptop. I am using an MSI GL62 6QF, and even though it already has 3 USB ports (2x USB3.0 + 1x USB2.0), my inability to use the built-in keyboard and touchpad effectively subtracts 2 ports for an external mouse and keyboard. This USB Hub gave me extra ports for HDDs and another probable essential, a cooling pad.

Use case number 3, though this is more of a good to have for me, it works with my OnePlus phones (OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 7). I was able to connect my external mic and 2 HDDs with no issues!

The best part of this cheap 3.0 USB hub is that the advertised USB3.0 speed actually works! I’ve tested all the ports transferring a 2GB file and all ports were able to give me about 100Mbps of transfer speed!

There is an input power adapter here but no included cable is included in the package, though I didn’t seem to need it even if I connected 2 HDDs and 1 External mic.

For Php239, this TKK Black 4 Ports USB HUB 3.0 is a no-brainer purchase. It gives you extra ports that actually has 3.0 speeds.