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Hi Guys, I'm Norman3000 of Norman's Randoms and PowerBondSeven of YouTube, I created this new blog to serve as my clean slate as I work my way back up to do reviews! I hope I can still have the hearts of my old fans as well as getting some new ones! Happy Reading, Guys!

Xiaomi QiCycle 2019 Review: Wheelie Good or Bad?

Xiaomi QiCycle 2019 Review: Wheelie Good or Bad?

Working in Metro Manila, Philippines, a common complaint and/or stressor is traffic. You can literally be stuck in traffic and move 1km in 1 hour sometimes maybe even more.

So, with traffic being seemingly an impossible problem to solve, what can we do? Obviously, since this is a review of Xiaomi QiCycle, biking maybe a possible Band-Aid type solution! But how feasible is it actually? Read on and find out!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional biker. This is the first bike I bought so I HAVE NO REFERENCE ON OTHER BIKES aside from cheap BMX bikes I had back in 2008.


QiCycle is my first folding bicycle. It is covered in carbon-fiber material which contributes to its relative lighter weight and overall cooler feel. It also has a free Bike Stand (earlier models does not seem to have this stand). It does not feel cheap rather, it feels very well made.

Personally, I wouldn’t call Metro Manila a bike haven so people asking me about it are impressed with its foldability, and the integrated bright lights in the bike. They would be further impressed if they would know that this baby is actually motorized. This bike is rated for 100kgs, weighting about 90kgs, I say this bike has held up pretty well amidst almost reaching the limit.

QiCycle Mortal Enemy

I have used this almost on a daily basis for almost three weeks now and I am impressed. The major flaw of this bike is its suspension or lack thereof. Humps and Rumble Strips are your worst enemy as going through them, especially the latter, will hurt your balls. I frequently dismount my bikes on rumble strips as they hurt. A LOT.

Software / Functionality:

Software is somewhat a mixed bag. Being released way back in 2016, the official application is all but gone from the PlayStore and I can’t seem to install anything I find on Google. Ergo, I have NOT BEEN ABLE TO CONNECT my QiCycle to my PocoF1. There also seem to be something different with the module that I bought. Menus are already in English, which is a good thing, but there doesn’t seem to be a QR which could have been used to connect it to an unofficial QiCycle app on PlayStore .

Advantage of the preinstalled software is that the max speed you can achieve is already at 25km/h (though some unofficial firmware seems to enable speed up to 29km/h). This isn’t a huge deal for me as I rarely ever hit 25km/h around manila.

Using it is very easy as well. Just turn on the module, and pedal. Voila! The motor automatically kicks in and you will almost instantaneously feel the push of the motor. You still have to pedal accordingly but the help of 250W is something you can take for granted. If you turn the Assist to ‘OFF’ the bike will still be useable but this is not ideal as the pedals become significantly heavier (again, I am not a professional biker, if you find the no electric assist easy, good for you then). This is not a nitpick. This is a fact.

The 250W motor is said to last you about 40kms on a single charge, and I found that true. I charge my QiCycle every other day as my back and forth is approximately 15km. After 2 work days, I would have about 10% of battery left on the tank. Perfect for a MilkTea trip to Macao Congressional. After that topping up is about 3 Hours to full.

Manila Usability:

So the biggest question is, can you actually use this in Manila? As research (translation: Google) has pointed out, it looks like QiCycle does NOT NEED to be registered as an E-bike. Our venerable LTO maybe vague most of the time but it is stated here that E-vehicles which “can be propelled manually” or “run solely by muscular effort” are exempted from registration.

I have never been halted by MMDA and I usually go through Mindanao Avenue which is almost always rife with these blue enforcers.

My route is Congressional Ave > Mindanao Ave > Visayas Ave and you can believe those roads are prone to traffic with uneven roads here and there.

Since I’m relatively new to biking, I could not comment on how far biking feasibility in Manila has come. Barring few red light beating nincompoops, agitated motorcyclist, and the ever greedy bike lane-hogging vehicles (ehem Jeepneys), and the aforementioned rumble strips, I can definitely say biking to work is not that bad.


My Life Behind Bars:

At Php28,995 on Xiaomi Stores (Yes their pamphlet said Php26, 995) this is not in the range of ‘affordable’ for average consumers as there are folding bikes a quarter the price of QiCycle. This does not include all other things you MUST buy when biking like elbow pads, knee pads, helmet, bike lock, mask, etc. Honestly, I bought the QiCycle because I want an alternative to commuting on coding days. I did not want to buy a motorcycle as it is much more expensive and I am not allowed to use it, updating Driver’s License is additional hassle.

Initially, cycling 15km  daily is something I thought I won’t be able to do. But the motor assist of the QiCycle has made it drastically easier, dare I say enjoyable? If this wasn’t motorized, I would have ningas-kugoned the crap out of this bike and just use this two times and fed it to dust, but I have used it every day for two weeks now.

If I defer to commute as opposed to driving, it takes me 3 rides each costing about Php8. So commuting costs me roughly Php48/day. QiCycle plus the surplus add-ons I bought roughly cost me about Php33k. I must use the bike 690 times to and from work to break even. But with the time I save from not being stuck in traffic, switching vehicles and falling in line, I would say this is definitely worth it.

There are dangers in riding bicycle that you definitely have to watch out for, but with keen sense in safety and some common sense, The Xiaomi QiCycle is a wheelie-good choice for an alternative to commuting, beating traffic and saving some few gas Phps.




Anniversary with Nikia



A year and a third ago, I wrote a piece about my past relationships.

Fast forward to today. Anniversary na namin ni Nikia. One Year na kami. Sure may ups and down pero ewan. I feel better here. Am I happy? Verging on yes, and at the very least content ako. I may not be as happy as I was with Ana. Pero in terms of growth and development, mas madami ako natututunan kay Nikia. And the perks. First, may free parking kina Nikia eh. Sure meron din naman kina Ana and Beelinda, pero ang mahal ng parking pag pupunta ako sa kanila. P200 per day halos.

Pangalawa, alagang alaga ni Nikia pamilya ko. Being panganay, malaking tulong yung alaga ni Nikia sa parents ko pati mga kapatid ko. Mula ng naging kami ni Nikia, alaga agad buong pamilya ko. Hindi tulad ng iba na 6 months bago nila alagaan family mo.

Most importantly, bago kami magkita ni Nikia sa pang araw araw, hindi na ako umiiyak tulad kay Beelinda noon. Dati bago ko imeet si Beelinda, nasa kotse lang ako umiiyak. Nalulungkot, nasusuka. Sa iba sige kaartehan lang ito. Pero iba ang pain tolerance ko sa inyo. Hindi ako umiinom ng Soft drinks dahil nasasaktan/ayoko sa fizz, I am a weak dependent man. Kung kaya mong tiyagain ang isang toxic relationship, aba edi ikaw na. Hindi naman porket susuko ka ibig sabihin loser ka na or typical millenial ka na. At hindi rin porket nag sstay ka ibig sabihin loyal ka, minsan katangahan na yan. I left Beelinda kasi personally natotoxican ako sa kanya, yung lahat ng mali mo pinupuna. And pinupuna in a way na ang pakiramdam mo ang bobo bobo mo. May nararamdamandin naman ako anxiety paminsan minsan kay Nikia minsan pero alam mo yun, I have friends who help me overcome the challenges. Not once ako sinabihan ni Nikia na ‘in a way I was expecting more kasi Dean’s Lister ka‘ who brings up stuff from a decade ago. Isang instance na nangyari with Beelinda noon. May issue kasi ako noon tapos friend lang ni Beelinda may alam ng sagot. So tinanong ko via Skype. Aba nagalit ba naman si Beelinda sakin noon kasi daw bakit ko daw skinype pa eh nasa kabilang side lang naman daw yung friend niya. Beelinda spouts efficiency pero pag may QQ ka, bawal skype dapat daw puntahan mo sa area ng friend niya para daw mag mingle. Hahahaha umay. OO NA MAARTE NA AKO.

Isa pa was nag kita kami nang weekend sa bahay niya with friends nood daw ng movie. Kahit ayoko sumama parin ako. Tapos nung tapos na movie ayun nag paalam na ako.

Aba nung monday pinagalitan ako bakit daw ako umuwi agad after ng movie dapat daw sabay sabay uuwi lahat as a team. Humaygaaadddd. OO NA MAARTE NA AKO.

Nagkasakit kasi ako non na ospital pa, and I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Dahil sa toxicity ni Beelinda nagka Anxiety ako. What. Ayun after that I decided na bumitaw. Na I don’t deserve this.

A few days after that, ayun. I helped around the house. I helped myself. May pag gym pa ako. I called a friend and asked for help.

True enough ayun, nireto niya ako kay Nikia. Iba si company 😉 si Nikia. Hindi ganon yung nakasanayan ko over the previous 4 years pero ayun nga gusto ko mag reboot ng relationship.

After ilang months ng ligawan, naka ilang follow up din ako sa kanya hihihi. Naging kami ni Nikia.

Kay Nikia, a year into the relationship, ilang weeks na ata ako nag momovie ng weekend pero ok lang. I honestly don’t mind na makita siya kahit weekend (for now anyway). Kahit na 9amto6pm magkasama na kami ni Nikia araw araw. Ok lang kahit minsan umabot ako 7pm kasama siya or ayun nga kahit short notice na kelangan daw manood movie ng weekend ok lang. One year with her hindi pako na oospital. Sure nagkakasakit ako madalas (insert realistic cough here), pero lagnat lang yun. Mabuti na pakiramdam ko ulit after rest HAHAHA

Anong point ng post na ito? Wala lang.

Sharing lang siguro

Wag matakot kumawala

Sa relasyong malala

Wag mawawalan ng pagasa

Pagkat nanjan naman si Lina

Pero hindi ko nameet si Nikia via Lina. Rineto ako, HAHAHA

Intro to Audiophilia feat. Cayin N5 Mark 2

Disclaimer: I’m not well versed at reviewing Audiophile Gears as this is only my third DAP. What this is is my story entering the world of better music.

I recently bought a Fiio X7 Mark 1 from Lazada. At the time, I thought it was a steal at Php17,000.

The moment I unboxed it, I can’t stop grinning. I want my gadgets and things big and obnoxious, and Fiio X7 delivers on both. It was big, heavy and screams luxurious unnecessity. While it is no match for the sheer obnoxity of Sony WM1Z (My dream DAP), X7 is still a joy to hold and look at. Sadly, I had to return it as it had flickering display which was unbearable.

Fast forward to yesterday, Jan 15, 2018. I finally got my full refund (there was no replacement available), it was not mad but kind of disappointed that my DAP journey seemingly came to a fast end.
Enter Cayin N5I. I am a very impulsive person so I chatted Sir Jonjon Manlapaz of Urban Audiophile. This is the second time that I bought from him and I should be honest, both times, I was INITIALLY unenthused. INITIALLY

First was KZ ZS6. This was my first hook style IEMs so putting it on for the first few times was annoying as hell as I can’t seem to put it right. Months after, I never leave home without it.

I bought Cayin N5II from him yesterday. Our conversation was basically

Norman: Sir may N5II kayo with free TFZ?
JJM: Iba na freebies niya VJJB/ZST/ZS3
Norman: Sige VJJB nalang (This was what I wanted anyway,), pwede kayo BPI Transfer no?
JJM: Yes sir
Norman: Sige transfer nako
JJM: Prepare ko na.

Boom by exactly 5pm, my items were here.

The moment I turned I unboxed it, I did not get the same thrill as when I got X7. Contrary to X7, N5ii is small and low key. It just isn’t as feel the same.
As I powered it on, I was even more disappointed by the Shitty Android UI implemented. I have been an Android fan ever since and I’ve used tons of phones with different skins, to brand this as one of the worst is very alarming.

Powering on through initial disappointments, I loaded up some songs from my Laptop.
I chose the music I would play first carefully. And this is where everything took a 360. The first time I played something on X7 I was unimpressed to say the least. There was no oomph. There was no immediate discernable difference versus my OnePlus5. I spent Php17,000 on a device I sure as hell am expecting something different. I had to specifically look for the difference (Should it be hear?)

When I fired up In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. Damn. Amazing. The sound stage alone was ways above Op5. I am used to reading ‘vocals are clear’, ‘details are crisp’ etc. I did not understand and hear them but Cayin N5ii blew my expectations out of the water. Instruments feel much more detailed, vocals are much clearer and there is immediate discernable difference from my Op5.

As I played more songs (ie If You’re Not the One), you can appreciate those juicy guitar strums on your left earbud. I was so impressed I stayed 20 more minutes at work because I wanted to hear more. It was just that good.

I’ll continue using these moving forward. But case in point. At Php 19,800, this is an amazing DAP and the VJJB N1 was a terrific Icing on the cake.

Thanks to Sir Jonjon Manlapaz for the hassle-free service.

Starting Over Again

After reading checkout part 2, and part 3

I have always fancied writing. As everything in my life is though, I am a failure as one. But today, I abscond the English language and express (mostly) in to my native tongue as I feel it better expresses how I feel. Una sa lahat. An adage from our country. Bato bato sa langit tamaan huwag magalit. Ito ay isang kwento tungkol sa aking mga relasyong pag-ibig.


Hindi ako gwapo/talentado/matalino. The latter, I am average at best. Single ako ngayon and I have been for quite some time now pero masaya ako. Wala lang, gusto ko lang magsulat. Haha. Ako din kasi nameet ko na si ‘The One’ pero binalewala ko. Thinking na I could have someone better. Three relationships later. Wala kulelat. Ngayon masayang masaya na siya, ang laki nang Pinagbago niya, pero ako ito. Nasa bahay ng magulang kasama ang Pomeranian kong si Tyra pati si Zelda.


Nagsimula ang lahat ng paunlakan ni Hope ang aking imbitasyon. Mejo anxious pa ako sa initial date namin noon kasi first ko siya eh. Wala akong ka alam alam sa mundo ng pakikipagrelation, Pero confident ako, amidst my minor anxiety, I knew I did well sa first date natin. Sinagot mo ako after ilang dates pa and dun nag start lahat. Masaya ako noon kasi ang dami kong natutunan kay Hope. Looking back, I wish I could have done more nung first months natin kasi during the latter part of our relationship, na realize ko how much easier everything could have been. Marami akong ‘Ahhh ganon pala yon’ moments na sana alam ko noon. After a year, ayan dun ko na feel na nag pprogress tayo kasi doon ko naramdaman yung trust mo sa akin. I valued the trust you gave me and I was sure to make the most of it and make you feel na tama ang desisyon mo sa akin. Life was great until nagging greedy ako. Fast forward to another year, mejo na disappoint ako kasi mukhang ko wala tayong future, I knew I was doing good but what you showed me was not enough. I wanted more for the future and eventually, nag break tayo at naghanap ako ng iba. Ang yabang ko kasi. Akala ko pogi ako tapos hindi pala.


At this particular moment in time medyo nag reregret ako na nag break tayo pero I know tama yung decision ko.


Ako yung lalakeng ayaw mabakante. Gusto ko lagi may ka relationship ako. Nag ti-Tinder ako non araw araw. Kaya nung nag match si Stellanini, I aggressively pursued her until sagutin niya ako, without making any extra effort to know her. As much as I initially liked her. Wala ehhh. Nabulag lang ako sa kagandahan. Tas wala naman pala. Sobrang saglit lang ng relationship namin. Breezy boy/girl relationship. Nung na realize ko kasi na wala tayong future at uncomfortable lang tayo sa setup natin sa isat isa ayun nakipagbreak nanaman ako kasi nga sobrang gwapo ko.


After the breakup with Stellanini. Ayan I resolved to be Happy. Di ko na inisip future ko. What I wanted was to be in a stable relationship na masaya ako at comfortable ako sa setup. At sa di sinasadyang pagkakataon, na para bang ika’y nilalaro ng panahon. Dumating siya buhay ko. Si Ana. Unexpected yun. How did you know ang peg. Naglalakad lang ako sa mall noon. Window shopping ganern. Tas nabangga kita. Dun kita nakilala. I shouldn’t be even in that mall kasi di naman talaga ako mall person pero ayun. Nag meet tayo. We really hit it off. Unang date natin, sabi mo not looking for relationship ka (I’m probably going to get feminist triggered here), pero pinursue parin kita. Alam kong may something special satin. Hindi na ako nag paalam manligaw, instead, I just showed you what kind of person I am. And when I felt the time was right, ayun, tinanong kita mala typical Pinoy show ang peg ‘Ano ba tayo?’ Nag blush siya and I told her how I felt. Thank God mutual yung feeling and it was amazing. Nung unang araw na naging tayo grabe na excite ako kasi I felt that it was Hope all over again but much better. I had lunch with you and your friends the first day and we really hit it off as well. Nagulat din ako kasi halos lahat ng friends mo is may kamukha mula sa life ko. Pinsan, schoolmate, workmate. Halos lahat may kamukha. Wannabe ng Spice Girls ang peg. Ka click ko friends mo. I was so happy. I felt I belonged. Na excite ako sa buhay ko and it resulted in me wanting to be better. First thing was to be healthier. Anainspired me to be better and I did. I got complacent sa sarili ko but Ana made me look at myself. She motivated and pushed me further so far as to losing almost 15lbs. It was such a mutual and loving relationship that I planned to be with her forever. Until she decided na ayaw na niya sakin. Like an RKO outta nowhere. Nakatanggap ako ng liham mula sa kanya noon. Sinabi niya na ayaw na niya amd it was devastating. Parang fatality ng mortal kombat na kinuha yung puso ko tas winasak.


I tried to talk to her. To her parents. To her friends. I wanted to know why. She did give me a reason. Gusto niya mag migrate and ayaw nya LDR. Better to leave me now than later pa. And it hurt like hell. Sobrang sakit but what can I do. I tried everything humanely possible to no avail I even created a short movie on how much she meant to me but wala na talaga. Before I let her go, I sent her a long goodbye email. Something I never did with my past relationships. It was a letter to thank her for everything she has done for me.


I was in a rough spot then. Ehh pag nanjan ako, Breezy mode activate yan kinokontak ko lahat ng babae sa phonebook ko, siyempre nag Tinder din pero ika nga ni Peter Griffin You could find someone else but this seems a little easier coz you already have her number. Ha ha ha. After I hundreds of texts I got a reply from Natalee. Si Natalee ay isang babaeng nameet ko bago si Stellanini. Rineto siya sakin ni Jenna noon. Ok sana yung dates namin pero Beelinda decided to pick someone else that time pero nag break din sila. Now that Beelinda was single I made moves. Since ok ung previous dates namin noon, it just felt like a continuation like Victoria and Ted from How I Met Your Mother. And since Jenna approved naman why not coconut mode si acoe.


Sinagot niya ako agad sobrang bilis. Pero damn. Kung anong bilis ng ligaw stage ganon ding bilis ng pagbagsak. This is a case na both parties mali. Diko alam expectations niya sakin. Di ko alam setup na gusto niya. Di niya sinabi. Diko inalam. And everything went wrong the very first day. First date namin after niya ako sagutin damn she was late and when she arrived it felt like forever. Mejo napagod ako. And unlike Ana and Hope, hell even Stellanini, Beelinda was the worst first date. Alam mo ung first date palang malalaman mo na kung jive or hindi? Hindi ko naramdaman yun kay Beelinda. Kay Stellanini naramdaman ko pa na pwede eh pero waley kay Beelinda. Things started to falter further when she started nagging me. Ayoko pa naman ng ganon. Yung putang inang lahat pinupuna. Yung laruan ko sa kotse. Yung cellphone na gusto kong bilin. Yung flavor ng MilkTea na gusto ko, pati ba naman brand ng T-shirt ko pinapakialaman. Lagi nalang may deregatory side comment. Damn. I know na concerned lang siya sa akin pero grabe naman kasi ung nag factor nya. Worst was naalala ko noon. Ang work mo was 1 tricycle away and we are living like 15kms from each other, mas malayo pa yung work ko. For one month noon, araw araw kang nag pahatid sundo. Holy shit.  I’m sounding like a complainer here and I probably am. Gets ko naman if you need me to fetch you. Pero araw araw? Seryoso? Uwian mo pa 5pm tas 1 trike away lang  Papag travelin moko ng 20+km to drive you 2km from work to home?? Expect mo kasi mag Cavalier through ako kasi fan ako ni Lebron?? The hell. Dagdag mo pa yung constant nagging mo when I get late. Yung naghahanap nalang talaga ng rason mapagalitan lang ako.


Eventually hindi ko na kinaya yung halos daily na pag nag sakin ni Beelinda. Yung mag eeffort ka na puntahan siya tapos papagalitan lang ako. Beelinda drained me of my joy.  I know its bad to compare but you have to understand its inhumane to be verbally abused disguised as concern for every single day. Natakot at napagod ako sa kanya. Everyday I wake up, hoping today will be different. Today, I will show her how much I love her pero diko magawa kasi kahit anong gawin ko yung mali ko lagi nyang pinupuna. I can’t remember what it was but there was a straw that broke the camels back. I ultimately decided na ayoko na. Na I don’t deserve to be treated like this. Naiyak ako not because nag break kami but how everything with Beelinda turned out. Worse was alam mo kung gano ako nasaktan kay Ana. Alam mo ung pinagdaanan at hinanakit ko kasi first date natin nung ligaw stage sinabi ko na sayo shortcomings ko sinabi ko sayo hangganan ko. But binalewala mo lahat. Alam mong I was feeling down and I was hoping you to be source of inspiration to move forward pero hindi ehh pinaramdam mo sakin na pangit, untalented, at bobo ako. And no one deserves to be in a toxic relationship like this. I tried to tell you how I felt everytime you berated me but did you listen? No. You continued your concern-disguised nagging and I just to quote kidz these days ‘I kennat’. I know lots of people have it worse than me pero sila yun. If they can power through the worst of relationships, aba good for them. I’m not built as strong but I don’t think that makes me less of a person if I decided to give up.


Beelinda made me re-evaluate. Sobrang trauma ko sa kanya naisip ko… Baka naman kasi di naman pala talaga babae para sakin sa isang relationship. Baka iba para sakin. Ganon kalala ang relationship namin that I had to think of this. I have been single for quite some time now but I continue to search for my true love. Baka ngayon, for me to find the right relationship, kelangan ko mag Starting Over Again. I know na malapit na siya. Onting intay nalang… And once I do I intend to be a better person for her or him kung di talaga ako straight. Hahahaha


Sa ngayon maraming salamat Hope, Stellanini, Ana and Beelinda. I know our paths will never cross again but I will never forget you for molding me to who I am today. An overweight, average, not Philippine parlanced attractive person.


Kung may marereto kayo sakin na relationship, sabihin niyo lang. Single ako. Handa akong magsimula ulit sa umpisa. Hence Starting Over Again.HAHAHAHA

Chasing Wonder Woman

Chasing Wonder Woman

A Quick Disclaimer. This is not a Review. Rather than my journey in Chasing Wonder Woman.

June 01, 2017


A day removed from a pretty forgettable yesterday. I had something to look forward to. I aim to bounce back from yesterday’s mishaps and had Wonder Woman to watch.

The morning started great. I beat my 5:15AM alarm and I have 15 minutes to spare. It always feels great to wake up with a full sleep. I quickly browsed the web for High Street’s Wonder Woman schedule, but alas. None were available yet.

I proceeded to ready myself to work and was done by 5:30am. I picked up an Uber, and my bill was P20 lower than the estimate. The day was starting great.


I casually walked to High Street to buy myself a ticket. There were two choices, a 4pm P300 showing or a 4:20pm P500 3D/4DX. I went with the latter to give myself leeway. On the way back, I met a lady heading to my building and as uncomfortable I am with elevator talk, it was nice talking to her.


Workhours ended. Though not without some errors, I felt much better ending the day.

As I rode the elevator down, and the door closes, I realized I forgot to do something. I forgot to Time-out!

The wait going down and up and down again was terrible and it was already 4:15 by the time I was back down.


I was in my jeans when I started to run to High Street. As my earlier walk took me 10mins, I knew I was screwed.


I wanted to have bought drinks before going in the cinema, but the queue at Happy Lemon was insane. Seven cups more. I decided to forego the drink and rush to my seat.

Fortunately, if there’s one thing I can count on Filipinos, it is tardiness. Nico Antonio’s piracy in jail thing had just started so I know I had minutes to spare.


Was it worth it? Hell yeah it was! Wonder Woman is indubitably the best DC movie in this Universe, maybe even all of DC? I can only think of Dark Knight as an equal, yeah I went there! What made this movie seem perfect to me was the amazing story telling. It does not rely on OMG Look Look type of moments, rather, it relies on telling a good story all throughout.

Growing up , I had a tendency to root for the heels (bad guys), though this movie did not have a bad bad guy (Remus Lupin was fantastic BT Dubs), I rooted for Wonder Woman to beat him, and it was such a refreshing change (For me, at least).

It was such a feel good movie, I decided to jog/walk home rather than commute.

For all Superhero fans out there, this is a movie not to be missed. Hell, I’m even confident enough to say that this movie will be enjoyed by even non superhero fans.

Platinum Mini Boom Box PTBT-400 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Platinum Mini Boom Box PTBT-400

When it comes to unnecessary purchase, I am a great offender. The Lazada app has continuously caused my wallet more harm than the government and it sucks. As I was browsing through their on sale products, I came across this one. Platinum PT-BT 400. For those who think they’ve heard Platinum before but can’t remember where. Platinum is the karaoke brand.

What piqued my interest was the color scheme. I have always loved yellow and black evidenced my FJ Cruiser inspired Crosswind. So seeing this costs only about P999 (‘Discounted’ Price) over its ‘Original’ SRP of P1499, I decided to pick one up.

I already have a portable Bluetooth speaker (Philips BT 1300), but I figured it’s always good to have a backup. I had a chance to meet my package at the last weekend (April 22) and I was surprised to see how huge the box was. The BT1300 fits my hand but this is just too big.


I’ve had this for a week now so I guess this is now a good time to share my thoughts about it.




Opening up the box, you get a fairly well packaged device but it comes with bare basics. You get the device, manuals and cables to connect it wired mode and the charging port.




I love the color scheme of yellow and black. So this gets a huge plus for me. Everything is enclosed in plastic which I think is not bad considering how cheap this is. The plastic used seems durable enough and it is not prone to fingerprints.


At first glance, the device looks heavy, but holding it is a different story, it feels very hollow and the buttons take more force to activate. It has 2 ports at the back, one for connecting a 3.5mm cable and another for a charging port which gives me my first gripe. Why is this not powered by a standard micro USB cable?  Having a circular charging port not only feels extremely outdated but it is also impractical. I don’t want to have to carry a spare cable just to charge this thing. Terrible decision making Platinum.




This is an ironic device. Being a ‘Boom Box’, anybody will assume that this will pack a huge bass. Partner it with the fact that this is ‘rugged’ means that this is meant to be used outdoors, and that bass assumption is more of a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately, bass is negligible at best. This is definitely a deal-breaker as it is a clear case of false advertising.

BUT!!! Take note of this. If, like me, you only use a Bluetooth speaker indoors to watch series or movies, this will serve you well. Sans the horrendous bass performance, I’m pretty content with the volume (gets decently loud), and the clarity of the voice.

Finally, I must not forget about the icing on the cake which is the crazy battery life. I charged this one on Sunday evening (Apr 23). The next time I charged it was today (April 30). I watch series heavily, minimum of 2 hours per day, and yesterday (April 29), I was watching the whole day (Dota 2 Kiev Major). Additional cherry on the icing is the fact that it fully charges after about two hours. Oh, let’s add sprinkles to the icing and cherry with the fact that if you did not use this for a while, it turns off on its own (this is a plus for me as I always fall asleep when watching series at night)

So if you are looking to have uninterrupted playback, Platinum PT-BT is a fantastic choice for less than a grand.




To sum up Platinum PTBT in 1 word, adequate. In more than one? I really liked it. It’s bigger than what I anticipated with disappointing bass and the outdated port, and for some, this is enough to stay away. But if you use it for binge watching, performing adequately for more than 12 hours is enough, if not more.


What I Liked:

Amazing Battery Life (12hrs + Playback)

Poppy – Eye pleasing design (Subjective)



What I Didn’t Like:

Bigger than expected

Circular charging port

Terrible bass

Qicent 3-Socket Car Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter with 2 USB Charging Port

Qicent 3-Socket Car Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter with 2 USB Charging Port

One of the problems in this day and age on a relatively old car (I’m using an Isuzu Crosswind XT 2006), are the ports or lack thereof.

Today, Dashcams have become more imperative rather than luxury and this alone takes one spot.

A charger, preferably Quick Charge, have also become a necessity due to terrible battery life of most phones.

So, one of the best cheap solution is an adapter.

vs generic

Initially, I bought three generic adapters from Lazada. But one broke within the month, and this is just unacceptable.

As I continue to window shop in Lazada, I came across this one. As the name implies this is a 3-Socket Car Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter with 2 USB Charging Port


Out of the box

You get a fuse. This is not only surprising, it’s also amazing. If ever the device won’t work, open it up and change the fuse.

This is an extremely nice addition adding to the device’s longevity

It also has a sticky thing I don’t know what it’s for

Some Manuals and the Device itself.



Taking a tour this has 3 sockets with separated on-off switches. Fantastic touch.

It also has 2 5V USB ports. 1 with 1A, another has 2.4A. These are definitely is a nice additions, I have QC 3.0 enabled car chargers so meh

Testing it out. It managed power both my Transcend DP520 and Tronsmart QC3.0 charger.

So it works. I have just recently got this so I will have to test durability out.

Initially though, the better build , on/off switch, and the fuse looks to be a respectable,  if not good, package for a P600 socket.

Hoping this will last me longer than a month as I use 2 ports every time I drive.

Will update after a month.

Edit: Upon inspection of internals, we can see that the cheap Wawawei one is made of literally just metals and jumper cables.


On the other hand, Qicent is made with much more internals including a pcb board, capacitors and a coil.


What I Liked:

Fuse Included

Good build quality (Compared to Generic)

On-Off Switch

3 Sockets

2 Extra USB Ports

What I Didn’t Like:

None so Far

‘QCY’ Lazada Bluetooth Earphone Review (From Wawawei)

‘QCY’ Lazada Bluetooth Earphone Review

Recently, I seem to have been browsing Lazada lately and I happen to come this item which piqued my interest. Why? It looks painstakingly similar to my Soundpeats QY7.

The aforementioned Bluetooth Headset is undeniably the best budget Bluetooth headset period. Especially if you can get it below P1500 (~$30). Regular price is P2500 (~$50) on Lazada with frequent “discounts”

Last Wednesday (Feb 22, 2017), I lost my QY7 due to my carelessness, and since I need a Bluetooth Headset, I decided to pick this one up.

It only cost me P600 (~$12) which I didn’t think was that much expensive. Since it doesn’t have an official name, I decided to call this One ‘Reddy’. Read on and find out my initial thoughts.




So let’s get right to it. Out of the box you get the following:

An extremely generic package. It doesn’t even have QCY branding.

Extra sets of ear buds

Instruction manual

A charging cable

And the device itself




Taking the device out one thing is certain, the build quality is terrible. It feels extremely plastic and feels like it will break sooner rather than later. It is also lighter than the QY7.

The buttons are clicky and loud in a bad way and you need to press them hard to register.

Having a QY7, you would think that since they looked the same they would have similar build quality, alas, don’t judge a BT headset by its ad clearly applies here.

Reddy has 3 buttons similar to QY7 but same with its look they don’t function akin to the aforementioned.

On the right you have the pairing button which functions as such. You will even be greeted to the same voices as the QY7. The right also has the volume up and down. And this is the worst thing about Reddy.

Obviously you would think that + is volume up and – is volume down. NO. It functions as previous and next track respectively. Imagine how annoying that is.

Lastly, since Reddy replaces an active BT headset, I decided to take it for a jog and surprisingly, it did not come off. Be sure to change the fins and the buds to your ear first though.




I realized that being a $12 headset, I really shouldn’t expect much not only onto the design but overall.

So as to performance, I can say that its obviously not in par with other $30 Best BT headset but it is serviceable. Reddy has a muffled sound quality which lack quite a lot of detail BUT its not as tinny or ear deafening as Elliot Audio Active 2, which I already consider a win. The bass is verging on not bad but also not good as the muffling really takes a lot out of the experience.

Personally, I would pick Reddy over EA in terms of sound quality.

Battery life is my biggest surprise as it was able to last me a little over 5 hours which, for $12, is really impressive.

So that’s been it guys, for a $12 Bluetooth Headset that clearly channels QY7, is it worth it?

For me, honestly, no, even if it’s just $12, I find everything about this underwhelming at best. The only saving grace Reddy has is average battery life but the terrible build quality, uninspiring audio quality, and the frustrating button functionalities are clear indicators that this is a clear cut case of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover


What I Liked:

Battery Life


What I Didn’t Like:

Muffled Sound Quality

Stupid Button Functionality

Terrible Build Quality


Journey to the West (Philippine Sea) and Back

(I’ll be posting pictures once I have steady Internet)

This seems a little premature. I wanted to blog about all my ‘adventuring’ experiences at the end of the year to signal that 2017 has been a different year.
So far, I’ve been to more places in 2 months voluntarily than all of 2016 combined.

A while ago (7am in Feb 19, 2017), I was just in the West Philippine Sea with my friends.
We decided to go to Crystal Beach Resort because of all the rave it is getting.

We set off at 5.30am on Feb 18, and arrived shy of noon.
Unfortunately Crystal Beach was already packed. Reservations were needed.
Fortunately the resort Next door was open, PRINCE JB BEACH RESORT.

The rooms which were good for 4, probably six if you can haggle it, only costs P3000.
It is a well ventilated and lit room with your own CR. I don’t know if this is cheap of not, please tell me in the comments.

The clincher here is JB and Crystal are literally a step away.

I found nothing interesting to do here other than swim and surf though. The beach is also too wavy to just float around and relax.
Think mini-Baler.

But hey, I love the beach, I personally find it destressing and calming.

At about 7am, we were packing up and getting ready to leave and this is where things got interesting for me.

At Subic we found a place where the ocean is calm and I think its free. I didn’t kick myself of regret but it made me want to go back and experience the calm ocean of subic. See pics below.

Waze sent me off to a different direction going home and I was stopped by a police officer.

My heart raced as evidenced by my Xiaomi Mi Band 2, as everytime I had to stop I had to pay upwards of P1000.

Holy shit was Kuya nice, he let us off the hook saying that just be careful since it was literally my first time there.

As the boring journey continues back to Manila we found ourselves hungry and we decided to stop at Shell of Asia.

We had 2 places to eat. And we chose the wrong one. Expensive, small serving and the pork is horrendous.

As I started Cruisewind after the Shell of Asia stopover, that’s when I noticed something was off with it. IT started funny but it ran, and as I dropped of my friends in Shaw, Cruisewind went out. In the fucking middle of the road.

Fortunately some kuyas again were there to help. After a few ‘kadyots’ Cruisewindwas running again.

After it warmed up for about 30 minutes, I went off again, only to stop again at the middle of Shaw. I immediately called the MMDAs for help. I knew this time my wallet was going to take a huge asteroid.

Holy shitter! The MMDAs were hella nice. They helped me park the car properly and until the mechanic arrived and they asked nothing in return.

I gave them 2 dozens of donuts for all the trouble. Right now Cruisewind is still dead as there are no open battery charging stations on Sundays, but I’m sure my 10 year old, 0.2Billion Metered Cruisewind will live to fight another day.

This was a whirlwind of a stressful experience but I’m glad that everything worked out in the end.

The last words kuya spoke was ‘Pare pareho naman tayong Pilipino tulong tulongan nalang’

Truly an eye-opening experience that Humanity’s kindness is always around and maybe Change has really come.

Elliot Audio Active Review


Elliot Audio Active Review



As 2017 moves ahead, one of the most common New Year’s Resolution is to be fit get healthy.

Enrolling into a gym is the in thing to do, but running on a treadmill is just boring. What can help the tediousness?

Music! And what better way to listen to music than to go Wireless!

Enter Elliot Audio Active 2. As of this writing, EAA has amassed a whopping 150k+ likes. Yeah it’s sponsored but 150k is nothing short of amazing.

What made heads turn around was its insane price tag. P850. I honestly can’t argue with that so I decided to pick one up myself.


Seeing as it is only P850, I decided to look at this from that perspective.




So let’s get right to it. Out of the box you get the following:


Extra sets of ear buds

Instruction manual

A pouch

A charging cable

And the device itself




Taking physical tour it has a decent build quality

It feels solid enough to take a few bumps

It has 3 touch buttons that performs different things.

The middle is used for pairing, turning the device on and off, play or pause

It has volume buttons, which can be long pressed to act as next track (+) or previous (-)

This maybe nit-picking but the placement of the buttons feels odd.

Once you wear the headset the (-) button is nearer to your ear which I find annoying especially if you want to play the next.


A special feature of this EAA is its ear buds can also be placed together as they are magnetic. Personally this is a very neat trick and a very welcome one.


In its name, this is supposed to be an Active device.

For the past two weeks I have used this device, it only came off once.

I have taken this to my workouts and work.

My typical days consists of 15 Minutes Boxing Mitts, 15 Minutes Punching Bag, and 15 Minute Warm-up.

It’s not as intense as a normal workout, but EAA stays on your ear like a champ





Onto performance though, it’s still ok but I have to share a few notes.

Battery life is above average, expect about 3 workout sessions before charging it.

If you plan to use it as your daily, expect the need to charge overnight.

The device has amazing standby time and about 5 – 6 hours of usage

You can use this device for calls but don’t expect much.

Oftentimes I find myself disconnecting because the other line wasn’t hearing me clearly.


Sound Quality is not this device’s strong suit though.

This maybe subjective but I find the highs too, well, high.

And at max volume it is deafening. The cymbals are way too loud.

This is kind of disappointing as most of my tracks have many highs.

I also didn’t find the bass as punchy as some may think it is.


I’m by no means an audiophile but I have tried several earphones namely:


Audio Technica CKS77

Sound Magic E50

Sennheiser HD600 (Owned by my brother)

Audio Technica MSR 7 (Owned by my brother)

Awei Earphones

Sony SBH 50

Jaybird X2 (Owned by my brother)


Though it’s unfair to compare EAA to say the Jaybird X2. I just can’t say that EAA can replace my earphones at home.

Again the sound is subjective to each and everyone’s ear.

What I find bad maybe good to you.

If you manage to get yourself one try comparing your current one with Elliot Audio Active.

Try listening to Brock Lesnar’s theme. And you can see what I mean.


Overall though, sans the high highs, I can’t suggest anything else remotely as good as the EA Audio Active for the price of P850.

For those looking for a rugged durable gym buddy that will never leave your side, your ear in this case, this one is a good buy.

I have an upcoming review for Soundpeats QY7, for a few extra hundreds this is miles ahead of EA


What I Liked:

Battery Life

Magnetic Tips

Good build



What I Didn’t Like:

Highs are too high

Distortion at Max Volume