Cow Evolution Review: MOOre Poop is MOOre Profit!

Cow Evolution Review: MOOre Poop is MOOre Profit!


Casual Gamers. The term rose significantly as iOS and Android dominated the market. And what does Casual Gamers play? Well, Casual Games of course! There are tons of games to play on either platform, lately a friend suggested me to play this game. I usually don’t take advice from friends but we were close for a long time I had to trust his word.

The moment I played Cow Evolution, I had one thing in mind. This is stupid. This game is so stupid it’s actually great! How? Read on and find out!

Disclaimer: All Images/Footage are screenshots from playing.



One genre of casual games would be clicker games. These are games that require you to, well, click, and tap endlessly. A great example would be Tap Titans, but their mechanics is no way the same. Think of this as a hybrid of 2048 and Tap Titans.

Basically, the goal for you is to fuse cows until you reach the Ultimate Cow Being.


In addition, Cow Evolution has this weird humor injected all over the place. The Headlines at the bottom right are corny and sometimes funny. The entries from the MooPedia are disastrously insane and actually quite funny, and the Cow names themselves is MOOrbidly the best factor if you would want to continue what Cow Puns they have next or you want to stop. I’m a corny person so I pushed and actually finished this game.


Cow Evolution extends its value by way of grinding to collect all the headgears for the game. I never knew playing dress up could be so much fun.

If I have to nitpick on Cow Evolution, I would have to say the lack of Social Media/Google Play cloud save integration. In this day, many people change their device consistently. Not that you would play this game for years but it would have been a nice feature. Here’s hoping cloud saves come in the near future.

I can’t say anything more, that’s basically what Cow Evolution is. And reiterating what I said before, it sounds and probably looks stupid and non-sense at first glance, and it probably is.


But there is something weird about this world that wants you to play more. This maybe due to the relative ease on how the game praises you and gives positive reinforcement for insignificant tasks. I don’t know about you guys, but when I am praised, I tend to feel better and, in turn, give more. If we feel like we have this sense of accomplishment and we are properly recognized, we feel better. Fuse the first two cows and you get this congratulatory sign. Fuse for the second level, you get another, and so on.

  1. Graphics 

Cow Evolution is a 2D Game that looks like it was drawn by a kid who thinks everything in the world can be cows. It’s silly fun.

  1. Gameplay 

Fuse, fuse, fuse, buy cows, cows make poop, poop is money.

  1. Sound 

I can’t tell you how much I’ve muttered –TATATATATATATAT. The sound is like music of this generation. Pointless, but it gets in your head.

  1. Replay 

Fusing for the next Cow Pun is your best source of replay.




Cow Evolution may not have the same action like Tap Titans, it doesn’t even need the skills to beat 2048 but it does categorize as a stupidly great Casual Games when you are bored while travelling or helping you to sleep. Cow Evolution is weird and pointless but in a very good way. It’s not for everyone but those cute cows will get some hearts and fans one evolution or another.

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